What You Drive Away With

Is far more important than what you pay.

Don't let a fantastic RealtorĀ® slip through your fingers because you want a discount on the commission.  In the end, if your agent doesn't sell your property you won't be paying a commission anyway.  That's not what you want, is it?  If your goal is to sell your largest investment, and you're serious about seeing a sold sign on your property, the tools that a RealtorĀ® needs to create success in your life come at a price.  Ask yourself this, "What service and tools am I willing to give up for the discount?"

The Sweet Spot

Price it right from the start.

With time and money being such precious commodities for many of us, this may be the singularly, most important aspect of the sales process for sellers. Statistically, over-priced homes take longer to sell and net less for the seller than their propertly priced competitors. 

Your RealtorĀ® is expertly skilled in this area.